What does that mean? Like adopt a dog, except it’s a boat? Essentially yes. These are boats that have been brought in for recycling that deserve a second chance. These aren’t boats you are going to drop in the water and go cruising this weekend (for the most part). These are boats that are going to need love, attention and WORK. While some boats are in suitable condition to return to the water for their repairs, most will require the boat to be moved to a boat yard or some other storage yard to be worked on. Much like adopting a dog or cat, there will be conditions to the adoption, such as not abandoning the boat and doing the necessary work before returning it to the water. We want these boats to be saved, but it is just as important to be sure they don’t become derelict ghost boats polluting our waters. Have the drive to do the project, but not the knowledge, we will be happy to help you find the resources needed to save one of these boats.

Dolphin Boat

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