Boat Recycling

We offer boat pick-up and recycling services. We can make your problem boat go away. Costs vary on size of boat and whether it is being picked up or dropped off.

Recycling fees typically fall in the ranges outlined below. For a more accurate quote please contact:

this is the email for take my boat

Boat Size

Pick Up

Drop Off





$800 - $2,200

$300 - $1,500

20-35ft Cruiser or Runabout

$125 - $250 per foot

$70 - $150 per foot

36-45ft Cruiser

$225 - $350 per foot

$150 - $250 per foot

46-60ft Cruiser

$325 - $450 per foot

$300 - $400 per foot

60+ft and Sailboats

Case by Case pricing

We take all types and sizes of boats.

Dolphin Boat

we make your boat gone-zo

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